Slickstand: The Only Adjustable Locking Kickstand


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Slickstand is the worlds first and only adjustable height locking kickstand.

This revolutionary new product utilizes the weight of the motorcycle to positively lock the hinge only when the bike has been rested on it.
The patented mechanism hidden inside Slickstand was engineered to safely support a motorcycle in or out of gear, but not to lock accidentally if left down while riding away.

The telescopic design also allows for a full two inches of height adjustment, (twice as much as competitors stands). Whether you lower your bike for looks, or performance, you can simply adjust your slickstand for the proper lean.

Besides having the most functional stand on the market, slickstand is also the best looking. With its all billet tig welded construction, and polished stainless components, it has that look we all crave.
All moving parts and springs are located inside, away from weather for years of low maintenance reliable operation.

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These days parts have to be slick to stand out,
Do you have a Slickstand?

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